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  • To utilize the available resources in such a way that their uses can lead to substantial improvement in the quality of life of the people for and with whom the organization is working
  • To help and empower the less advantaged children and women by putting at least 500 children, including dropouts to formal schooling system by 2020 and to increase the income of at least 300 women by Rs. 5000 under our women empowerment programme
  • To promote health and literacy for the underprivileged people to be self reliant and live a dignified and sustainable life.


About Tare Zameen Foundation

Tare Zameen Foundation is Non-profit organisation works for uplift of child education, rights and scholarship to meritorious poor students, Save Girl child, Support Orphanage, Support Cripples/Physically & Mentally Challenged, Employment & Empowerment of woman, Support Old age, Health Awareness program and support Cancer, Leprosy, HIV/AIDS & other critical dieses.

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  • Registerd Office
    S158/a29,Shanti colony, Delhi-110047
  • info@tarezameenfoundation.org
  • +(91) 9958939136
  • Www.tarezameenfoundation.org