The organization works towards a society based on equality and justice. It is done by empowering girls in the most marginalized communities to steer collective action for social change.

Throughout the history of mankind women have been subjects of suppression and were often seen as inferior to men. Although this concept has been changing due to the efforts of a number of great women and men working towards equality, there are still many more women who are still victims of suppression. In India, many women do not have any decision-making power. Girls are not given the opportunity to complete their studies and are forced to drop out. They are only taught to do household work which the parents feel would make them good housewives in the future.  Hence, the organization is trying to make a positive change in their lives by – 

  • Formation of community-based women committees
  • Utilizing 120 young educated girls as teachers for schools
  • Encouraging young girls to complete their matriculation through schools
  • Conducting female adult literacy classes
  • Conducting Sewing / Cutting / Embroidery classes
  • English Language classes for girls

It is believed that these small steps can make a huge difference in the lives of women, right from gaining more knowledge about their rights to making them live with dignity through decision making and employment.

About Tare Zameen Foundation

Tare Zameen Foundation is Non-profit organisation works for uplift of child education, rights and scholarship to meritorious poor students, Save Girl child, Support Orphanage, Support Cripples/Physically & Mentally Challenged, Employment & Empowerment of woman, Support Old age, Health Awareness program and support Cancer, Leprosy, HIV/AIDS & other critical dieses.

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