When our environment is healthy we are healthy. The same way when our environment is dirty and polluted our body would most definitely be full of pollutants and we would be suffering a number of diseases. Environmental degradation not only harms human beings alone but also affects the animals living in this particular ecosystem. Hence, it is of the utmost importance to keep our environment clean and healthy.

Tare Zameen Foundation supports the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, in his Swachh Bharat Mission.Ithas conducted various cleaning drive campaigns, awareness programmes and tree plantation in the states, Delhi and Odisha with the help of various volunteers from schools to tackle the problem of pollution and deteriorating environment.

As a piece of its sanitation battles, the child volunteers visit these territories and execute the errand of cleaning littered streets, parks and other messy regions. Additionally, they are likewise taking our tidiness drives to the occupants in these states, soliciting them to assume responsibility of 50 meters of the streets before their homes and guarantee that they are without litter. With help and dynamic interest from the occupants, all our Swachh Bharat crusades have turned out to be very effective.

We are also involving people in conducting tree plantation programmes and conducting awareness programmes on conservation of the environment to minimize the impact of pollution and environment degradation.

About Tare Zameen Foundation

Tare Zameen Foundation is Non-profit organisation works for uplift of child education, rights and scholarship to meritorious poor students, Save Girl child, Support Orphanage, Support Cripples/Physically & Mentally Challenged, Employment & Empowerment of woman, Support Old age, Health Awareness program and support Cancer, Leprosy, HIV/AIDS & other critical dieses.

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