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We Raise Our Voice, Not To Shout, But For Those Without A Voice Can Be Heard

23 Mar 2022 6:00 PM | Anonymous

It is sad but true that currently approximately ⅔ of India’s Population is below poverty line and this excludes them from all the basic necessities which involve proper food, shelter, education and employment Tare Zameen Foundation Transparency We at Tare Zameen Foundation work together to give help to healthcare facilities, education, sanitary hygiene, menstrual hygiene and equal employment opportunities to women, underprivileged children and differently abled women. This non profit NGO for women was established in 2018.

Our board includes doctors, businessmen, authors and they have joined us as we all share a common goal which includes uplifting women from all walks of life. Currently we have benefited above 170 beneficiaries from our Non Government Organisation which included women and children .

We believe in being transparent. Non profit organisations are expected to communicate their outcome and their mission to the public. Transparency is one of the most important aspects in a non governmental organisation. Our assets include integrity and trust and of course reputation. Any NGO will undergo crisis if they lose public interest and credibility.

Legal and ethical Financial transparency includes expenditure, income and assets. We believe in keeping everything clear in front of our esteemed donors. We do not want any of our donors to think we are not doing the things in a righteous procedure. The main aim of our NGO is to provide food, shelter, employment and education to the underprivileged and by your donations we can not only help the needy but we will also give you the clear picture on how well your money is being spent.

We strongly believe every human being has the right to all the basic necessities in life. All the donations made to Tare Zameen Foundation are eligible for tax deduction of 50% . It does not matter if you donate Rs 500 or Rs 5000 our main aim will be to use your hard earned money wisely. Also one more step which we have taken to ensure transparency is that donors can also give their donations via digital platform .

We have all the major online transactional medium which includes BHIM, Paytm, Google pay, Bharat pay ,Amazon, WhatsApp. This gives transparency and also removes all the geographical boundaries.

We understand this fact that the more transparency we attain the more we will gain trust from our donors, regulators and general public. We access our work and we are always brainstorming on regulating our resources. The Tare Zameen Foundation focusses on maintaining full transparency with their internal and independent audit committees.

Our project managers successfully achieve all their responsibilities which include uplifting of women, empowerment etc. Also most importantly basic awareness regarding menstrual hygiene, HIV, leprosy awareness and cancer. A group of volunteers are lead by our Project Managers and diligently work entire year on the projects arranged by Chairman and board of directors. We are proud and yet humble to be so transparent regarding our work

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