March 30, 2022

No matter what your age is, no matter if you work or are a student,
anyone can donate. Of course, as a student large amounts of donationsare impossible, but if you really want to donate and helpTare ZameenNGO make the lifestyle of the underprivileged better no amount isless. From 10 rupees to 10,000 everything counts, every single penny.

We are a non-profit organization, established in 2018 and provide
healthcare and education to those who desperately need it. Tare
Zameen NGO also focuses on Women’s empowerment, we want the
women of our nation to grow and learn and your donations can makethat possible. Students can save 10-100 rupees from their daily
spendings or pocket money and donate it to Tare Zameen NGO on oursite tarezameenfoundation.org Tare Zameen NGO is an honestand open organization we don’t hideanything from our donators and we will ensure that your money goesinto helping the people in need.

The main goal is to eliminate poverty, discrimination, and inequality.
India can be the epitome of growth and equality with the small help ofour future leaders.

Donate for a better nation. India’s underprivilegedchildren are the unseen victims of the ongoing crises. Your supportwill help them survive. Donate before it’s too late!
For further information, you can inquire via mail at

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