Tare Zameen Foundation is a Delhi based non-profit organization registered under Trust Act in Delhi. Mr. Bishikesan Saw the Chairman & Founder of Tare Zameen foundation, he has graduated with a BSc
degree from Fakir Mohan University, Odisha and also earned his MBA degree in International Business from the Indian Institute of Education and Business Management, Pune. He is holding 12 years of experience in the corporate sector where he has successfully developed programs in the area of Knowledge Management, Culture and Competence Initiative and its Leadership Development. Mr. Saw is a believer of positive actions for social causes and with this intention has established the Tare Zameen Foundation. Highly motivated and skilled specialists are working as the advisory board members at TZF, those who are driving the organization towards developing a sustainable future society by adopting moral,
ethical, and legal ascendency and financial management policies. They also make sure the Foundation has adequate resources available in order to continue its mission.

The Tare Zameen foundation has been working for a number of social and moral causes. Some of our activities are providing education to unprivileged Children, empowerment of Women, support to the aged and the physically & mentally challenged individuals. We have arranged campaigns for creating
awareness, the Save Girl Child programme was one of them through which we have successfully created some social awareness.

Tare Zameen foundation is always dedicated to play a proactive role in providing support, strength, and help to every woman by providing education to them. We are working with the mission and
aim to build a sustainable future. We believe in unity, equity. We need your support and donation to educate every woman and we expect you all to be a part of this journey.

Support Taare Zameen Foundation to educate every child with special needs and be a part of this wonderful mission. We, Tare Zameen Foundation believes in the equal opportunity, we believes in equal treatment. For those who requires special procedures to learn, to gain knowledge we are dedicated to help them with our support. We Tare Zameen Foundation will continue to bring social awareness and health education to the people surrounding us, to the people of our country. We promise to continue our awareness drives on various health-related issues including menstrual health, children’s health. We keep trying to remember to everyone that we are still in a pandemic so that we have to take all necessary measures like wearing masks, social distancing in order to avoid the repetition of the same mistakes and occurrence of severity. As we always hope to bring good health for all of us. We, Tare Zameen Foundation always have been dedicated our work, in order to bring a healthier life for everyone, for children, women, and for unprivileged ones. We are conducting and promoting several health awareness programs through our social media platforms. Our awareness initiatives included diseases like HIV, Cancer, and awareness against leprosy. Improved hygiene, sanitation, and health education are some of
our prime targets. We believe that the greatest investment for any nation is the making of a healthier society.
Thank you for considering us- “TZF” with your donation and support in the movement towards ending hunger, social discrimination, to ensure equal access to education, healthcare. We aim to build a
future society where people have their equal right to live life with safety, security and peace.