Only By Coming Together
We Can Change Lives

Our goal is to create opportunities to those suffering from poverty, inequality and facing discrimination based on their caste, gender, socio-economic status, or physicial disabilities.


Who Are We?

A Non-Profit Organization, Tare Zameen Foundation registered in 2018 is based in New Delhi, India.

We hope for a discrimination-free future and act towards making that a reality where people don’t have to fight for their basic necessities, rights, and security. We focus on enabling equal access to quality education, healthcare, shelter, food, and water for all.

Tare Zameen Foundation works with the most vulnerable and marginalized members of our society to ensure they get the opportunities they deserve to improve their lives as well as their future generation’. We also focus on girls and women to ensure they live in a violence-free environment with freedom to speak their mind.

Our Guiding Principles


We’re working towards offering equal access to food, water, shelter, healthcare, and quality education to those who are in need. We are determined to break the wheel of generational poverty, discrimination, and injustice to build a better future for all.


Sunlight is the best disinfectant. So is transparency to any organisation. Tare Zameen Foundation believes in and is built on these very words.


Everyone is born equal. Everyone should live equally. We believe in creating equal opportunities for people who’re not getting them to build a better life.


- Our Focus Areas -




Help us Make the Stars Shine

The foundation believes in & practices financial transparency. Via our regular newsletters and programme reports, we personally sent you how we employ the donations you made and how it impacts & improves the lives of millions of stars.


- Our Priorities -

Turn empathy into action

Giving empathy a positive shape by acting on improving the lives of marginalized and economically disadvantaged populations.

Focus on Education

To educate underprivileged and vulnerable children in India by enrolling at least 500 children into formal schooling every year.

Empower Women

To ensure girls’ and women’s safety and ensure they live violence-free. Also to make sure nothing prevents their freedom to speak and get equal opportunities via special empowerment programmes.

Help the Vulnerable

To ensure people in India do not face discrimination, inequality, or poverty based on their caste, gender, physical disabilities, or economic backgrounds.

Inspire the Community

A better future is possible only if we all come together. By our action, we hope we’d be inspiring the community to come together and progress towards prosperity for all.

Transparent Governance

We believe in and practises transparency, integrity, accountability, and responsibility.

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