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Collaborator: Amity International School

Menstrual Hygienic Program And Sanitary Napkin Distributin Program:

Amity school Noida & TareZameen Foundation conducted "Community Menstrual Hygienic Program and Sanitary Napkin Distribution" on 09th February 2021.

Menstruation is a difficult time for a woman and adolescent girls, more because of the various social and mobility restrictions placed upon them. There are various social norms, unwritten rules, and taboos surrounding menstruation. Through the Menstrual Hygienic Program, we aim to create awareness on maintaining menstrual health and hygiene, myths busting taboos, and ensuring access to menstrual hygiene products such as Sanitary Napkins and safe disposal of sanitary pads to promote a friendly environment.

Despite the absolute necessity, not everyone can afford sanitary pads, and it is a ubiquitous problem. Sanitary Napkin Distribution Program is a step toward increasing access and usage of sanitary pads among women and adolescent girls to maintain personal hygiene.

Location : Virucamp, South Delhi.

No of Beneficiary: 115


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