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Tare Zameen foundation mind behind the creation

25 Mar 2022 5:55 PM | Anonymous

Tare Zameen Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in 2018 and based in New Delhi, India. As an organization, one of our main aims is to contribute to eliminating prejudice and intolerance from society. We focus on creating an environment where every human gets their rights fulfilled and one does not have to struggle for their everyday bread and shelter. By providing quality education, healthcare, medical support, housing, proper nutritional food, and water, Tare Zameen NGO tries to empower the marginalized section of our society that is often neglected by the most. We try to provide a safe shield for women and girls around the country from society’s atrocities and harbor their education and well-being. Our team encourages free speech and ensures equal opportunity for the suppressed section of our community and emphasizes changing lives.

Supported by many donors and partners who provide us with funds and care for our good cause. Every day we make an effort to change the indifferences faced by women and children who dwell in inferior parts of the community with the help of the generous donations that we accept from the public which makes us independent from government influences and interference.

ere, Taare Zameen Ngo’s sole pursuit is the happiness of those who aren’t privileged enough to provide for themselves. All the donations and charity we receive go directly into the development of the people who need it the most, which makes us truly a non-profitable NGO. We mindfully attempt to become the primary facilitators of empowerment and change for the disadvantaged group of individuals so that they can understand and practice their roles in society, socially, politically, economically, and in many other ways. We help them indulge in self-help activities as well as provide them with materialistic aid.

Living in the 21st century we often forget how important people living around us are, especially those who don’t enjoy the same liberty and joys as we do. People are so engaged in the race of life we tend to overlook people who need our support and love. Tare Zameen NGO tries to protect these people and immerse the bustling crowd into being a part of the generous work by donating or doing voluntary work at our organization. We desire to make every common person a part of the kindness and services we wish to spread around. Our ultimate goal is to unchain the downtrodden population together with the help of others, to influence the young minds into being thoughtful and more empathetic towards the needy.

Tare Zameen NGO believes in togetherness, unity, and humanity as its principle that holds the whole NGO together tightly. With a little bit of assistance from others, we aspire to serve, empower, aid and spread the love to our fullest.

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