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Collaborator: Eldeco

Foundation Distribution Of Eco-friendly Hygiene Sanitary Napkins and Savlon Soap

Date:15th June 2020

Supported by Team Eldeco Mansionz Society (Gurgaon) sec-48, Team Tare Zameen Foundation distributed eco-friendly hygiene sanitary napkins and salvon soap to women and girls in Uneco-friendly J-cluster areas like Vimbasti, Babu camp, Sambav camp, and Sapare near to Chattarpur during Covid 19.

The purpose of distribution is to change the behavior of women and girls regarding menstrual hygiene and how to make India disease free. Women must talk about their menstrual issues openly and get help if required. Women across the world have used natural and reusable methods for collecting or absorbing menstrual blood for centuries. Women should be able to make an informed choice about menstrual products that promote health and wellbeing – for the individual, community, and the earth.

Again thanks to Mrs. Anshu and Team Eldeco Mansionz society for a great social cause.

No of Beneficiary: 450


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