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“Together we can change lives”

Focus Areas


Education is one of the fundamental programmes of the Tare Zameen Foundation.


TZF has been persistently conducting awareness programs in the healthcare sector.

No Hunger

Extreme hunger and malnutrition remains a barrier to sustainable development

Community Skills & Empowerment

Empowerment is the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and in communities.


Who Are We?

Non-Profit Organization, Tare Zameen Foundation registered in 2018 is based in New Delhi, India.

We hope for a discrimination-free future and act towards making that a reality where people don’t have to fight for their basic necessities, rights, and security. We focus on enabling equal access to quality education, healthcare, shelter, food, and water for all.

Tare Zameen Foundation works with the most vulnerable and marginalized members of our society to ensure they get the opportunities they deserve to improve their own as well as their future generations' lives."

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Donation Campaigns

Tax Benefit 80G Tax Bebefit for INR donations

Support a Child

Thousands of children are a victim or witness of assault and other gender-based violence. Support these children towards a world free of such violence.

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Tax Benefit 80G Tax Bebefit for INR donations

Support the Underprivileged Community

Support the underprivileged community towards a holistic development. A small contribution will change the lives of many for better.

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Tax Benefit 80G Tax Bebefit for INR donations

Divyang Empowerment

Support our organization's various initiatives to empower Divyangjans by introducing the latest and advanced trends and technology.

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Ongoing Projects


Pathsala has concentrated its effort to improve the occupational and literary education of targeted unprivileged children residing in the slums -colonies with poor Educational sensitization due to limited reach of Government's policies and Executions.

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Humari Jeet

TZF has always been the prime promoter of Health and Hygiene particularly awareness lacking menstrual hygiene ill concerns. Keeping a prevalent subjugated dependent scenario of poor class of families, TZF has launched a program HAMARI JEET

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Hunar Se Rozgar

With a view to upgrade the hitherto skill training program to empower the women in terms of financial independency as well as community organization, TZF has planned to integrate the inputs of the prime Fashion Design Institutes

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    • 23 Jul 2022
    • 2 May 2024

    Tare Zameen Foundation has been persistently conducting Awareness Programmes after its inception to address the casual disregard for the health of the marginalised people, especially that of women and children.

    • 23 Jul 2022
    • 2 May 2024

    Education is one of the fundamental programs of the Tare Zameen Foundation. We are committed to providing basic education to underprivileged Children, Women, and Divyang.



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Social Impact


Had a very good experience, It was a very exciting experience working with Tare Zameen Foundation. Coordinating with the team leader was also very easy and the induction of a newcomer as a fresher is also very welcoming. This foundation helps the poor and needy hence towards a good cause to make the world a better place.

I also started a fundraising campaign for donations for needy people, with help of the Tare Zameen Foundation. I think that the process of collecting funds should be a little easier than people can donate easily. Thank you.

- Pooja Verma

It was a great experience to work with Tare Zameen Foundation. This is my first internship here and it is a wonderful experience to work for needy people. I enjoyed working in this organization. The team leader is also very supportive, and she gave clear details about the internship.

If you are searching for a place for donation, then this is one of it in which you can easily donate according to your comfort and u can also become a fundraiser to support more. At last, I would say that it doesn't matter how much you donate, it's about how much love you put into your donation. because "When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

- Oviya MS

Tare Zameen Foundation (NGO) aims to help the unprivileged people unconditionally and have started different projects to make a significant change in their life. It was an amazing experience working with them as an intern. I got to learn so much through this process. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity.

Everyone here is very welcoming and resourceful. I would recommend anyone who is reading this review to join this organization and be a part of something meaningful and make your part towards the better future for our country.

- Shristy Saini

I am grateful to the Tara Zameen Foundation organization for providing me the opportunity to work as an intern in their organization. This has given me the experience to contribute as a social worker as the organization helps for the welfare of society.

- Chahel Jain

I have all the skills that this job requires, and if you hire me, I promise to deliver quality work throughout the tenure of the internship. I possess excellent communication, I'm a team player, and most importantly, I'm a dedicated worker. Instead of speaking for myself, I would prefer to show you, my work. I would like you to allow me to let my work speak for myself.

- Afsana khanam

During my Internship, I built great connections and received a lot of skills from the team and mentors, for which I'm very grateful for welcoming me into their family and preparing me for this internship with my ongoing college courses. Working at Tare Zameen Foundation was a good and unforgettable experience.

- Moumika Dutta

It was a very nice experience working and cooperating with the Tare Zameen foundation. It was an NGO-based internship as it provides thousands of help to people who need help. I am personally very impressed and achieved my target to help others. Thank you, Tare Zameen Foundation, for providing me with such a golden opportunity to work with you

- Bidisha chowdhury

It was a great experience working with Tare Zameen Foundation, I was pleased with the activities and initiatives that are taken by the foundation. Great place to do a social internship

- Rupam Kumari

If you're someone who loves to make an impact through your words as said "Pen is mightier than a sword.", then you will absolutely love working with Tare Zameen Foundation as did as a Content Writing Intern. I had an amazing time volunteering here as I know that I am part of a change, part of an organisation who is doing so much for the society.

This foundation is the right place for you if you looking to be a part of something great and contribute to the change in society. Be part of the development.

- Sweta Barua

"To us, the Tare Zameen Foundation serves as a reminder that we are all connected and unique," Our empathy increases as we consider how other people's lives are connected to our own. They have shown a remarkable capacity to contribute to creating a better and brighter future for our nation. We consider it important that TZF pays close attention to the underlying causes of the problems that our country faces and takes concrete, quantifiable steps to address them.

We have the power to change everyone's circumstances when we think bigger than ourselves and cooperate. Perhaps there has been a point in your life when someone has tried to help you. We believe that TZF is the best way to assist the greatest number of people, and we are pleased to be doing so.

- Amar kumar

I have got to learn new things from this organization and I have also been able to boost my confidence. I have got some communication skills too by working as an intern in this organization.

- Anil Kumar Kollapinni

Being an intern at Tare Zameen was extremely amazing. Helping the children and the underprivileged people by staying indoors in my home gave me a lot of contentment. I hope the amount collected by me will be helpful to the needy people.

Thank you Tare Zameen for providing me with that beautiful opportunity of serving the needy.

- Sourav Gupta

The organization is such a strong and firm. Being in this organization has made me realise in lots of ways, of how we can reach out to those in need and the possibility and the impact of that. Making a change doesn't have to wait around it can start with me and you by contributing the little things that we have and can.

- Penminao Shimrang

Had got a new insight into how Fundraising works, the unique idea of raising awareness about a topic that is generally considered taboo. The difficulties that come up, especially for rural women, and the stigma there is, around menstruation are unending. So, certainly raising awareness about it, would make the situation better around them.

- Radiya Fatema

Working with Tare Zameen Foundation as a fundraising intern was an amazing experience. During my internship, I aim to raise funds for Project Sakha which is about creating awareness regarding menstrual health and hygiene among underprivileged women. Tare Zameen Foundation helps me to take a step toward change and gives me a chance to work for a social cause.

- Ayesha Qureshi

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