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Tare Zameen Team

Mr. Bishikesan Saw

Chairman & Founder of Tare Zameen Foundation

People's participation is instrumental for any movement to succeed because it reflects the spirit of Indian democracy where people rule themselves for a better and secured lifestyle where not only desired liberty and sufficient economy but also promotion of culture and values have a credible stake in the conduct of human civilization.

Tare Zameen Foundation is very grateful to all the philanthropists who have supported our campaign with great moral and financial support.

I would like to pray to God to give us immense enthusiasm and energy to fulfill the duty of a responsible citizen and carry forward the journey of selfless service in future.

Leadership Team

Thomas Putti

Head HR & CSR Manager

Thomas Putti is a senior manager with over 28 years experience in enterprises and MNCs across India.Thomas is passionate about people development and capability building and his prior initiatives included skill building and development programmes for a range of industries across the pharmaceutical and health sectors.Thomas committed to using his skills for positive action across the community and leads strategic and organizational development and HR at the Tare Zameen Foundation.He also works with CSR strategy and NGO collaborations.

Lavanya Bathwal

Fundraising Strategist

Lavanya is an engineer from IIT Kanpur with professional experience in the financial services. He is passionate about driving social change and has a keen interest in using his strong aptitude for business and technology to give back to the community. Lavanya leads India NGO collaborations and Fundraising Strategy for the Tare Zameen Foundation.

Amit Kapoor

Strategist Consultant

A well rounded business professional with a unique combination of marketing communications, business development and social sector expertise, Amit brings creative and profitable approaches to problem solving, enjoys building partnerships and balances strategic thinking with flawless execution in fast paced environments. As a Strategic consultant with Tare Zameen Foundation, Amit leverages relationship building, strategic management and marketing skills for positive impact and responsible social growth. His colleagues and stakeholders find him as a lively, adaptive and approachable person.

Projects, Programs & IT

Fundraising & Legal

Gurveen Kaur

Fundraising Strategist

My name is Gurveen Kaur.I am pursuing my graduation from Delhi University.I'm a diligent student who loves to work in a challenging environment.I am working as a Sr. Fundraising Strategist at Tare Zameen Foundation.My ethic is "I never neglect an opportunity for my improvement

Deepika Chouhan

Fundraising Strategist

My name is Deepika Chouhan, an aspiring Neuropsychologist.Working as a Senior Fundraising Strategist at Tare Zameen Foundation taught me how Empathy can only work if Actions are combined.I believe that to bring a change you cannot sit back and talk about it.Your hands maybe smaller to instantly make big changes but your determinations need not to be.

Sakshi Gupta

Fundraising Strategist

My name is Sakshi Gupta.I have completed my masters in political science from Indra Gandhi National open University.I am working as a Sr. Fundraising Strategistat Tare Zameen Foundation.

Technical Team

Sagar Gupta

Social Media Manager

He is currently pursuing his BCom Hons from IP University. He owned an event company, "Party Adore," in Delhi. He joined the Tare Zameen Foundation as an intern and is now working as Social Media Manager at TZF.

Prakhar Gupta

Graphic Designer

Founder of the Startup Spades Designs.X which is a Design Consultancy Service provider. He has been working as a freelance graphic designer for the past three years. Prakhar loves exploring different design domains and has a keen eye for aesthetics. He has strong experience of how to lead a team and achieve all the goals set. Working in collaboration with the Tare Zameen Foundation gives him new goals and targets to learn and achieve many new things.

Ayesha Qureshi

Content Head

She is a professional content writer and is pursuing her master's in Women&Gender studies. She's a writer who expresses her views through words and also hopes to improve the world with her vision. She began her journey as a content writing intern at the Tare Zameen Foundation and is currently working as Content Head. Her writings were included in numerous anthologies.

Shreedhu Ranjan


Shreedhu is a student at the India Today Media Institute. He has a specialization in content writing, reporting, photography, and videography. He is currently working as a videographer/photographer at the Tare Zameen Foundation.

Center Staff


Education Teacher

She is in charge of teaching, dancing, and managing all the events, center programs, and activities.


Silai Teacher

In charge of teaching all the women how to use the silai machine, looking, after all, the souvenirs prepared by women in the organization.


Center Children Care Taker

TZF caretaker who looks after children, cleaning, and all their necessities.

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