Day to day operations of Tare Zameen Foundation

Tare Zameen Foundation is a non profit organization based in Delhi. We work towards the upliftment and welfare of children, women, aged people and the physically and mentally challenged individuals. We aim at building a better society for the helpless and underprivileged individuals of the society. The day to day activities of our Foundation include promotion of events held, organising awareness campaigns, as our organization believes that a lot of
illnesses can be prevented if the necessary measures are taken, hence through these awareness camps we educate people to look after their well-being and prevent diseases like
cancer, leprosy, HIV/AIDS etc. We also provide education to the underprivileged children by investing in their better future by providing them with quality education as well as the necessary
stationery and books in cases when their parents can’t afford the basic requirements of school.

Apart from helping the children access good education, we also help the women belonging to poor families be financially independent and empowered. We believe that every woman should
have financial independence and should be able to put her capabilities to earn a living for her own goodwill and for her family’s welfare too. We provide employment opportunities for women
like enabling stitching classes and also we educate them on how they can stand on their own feet and secure their future by letting them know that there are infinite possibilities even for the
underprivileged individuals.

For a woman to look after her family’s health and welfare, it’s important that she should be healthy first. Therefore we make it a point to conduct free health check ups and awareness
campaigns to make women and their families aware about prioritizing their health. In order to conduct these campaigns, provide medicines and treatment that these individuals can’t afford
and to teach women stitching we require the money for the machines and for the camps , hence we conduct fund raisers and shoutouts for donations. Usually these are held offline but since the
pandemic we’ve been functioning online itself.
Tare zameen foundation has different social media handles like instagram, Facebook and Twitter, where we regularly update about our various activities and events held. We raise awareness about vital issues regarding the importance of education, women’s health and the well-being of the physically and mentally challenged individuals. We also promote the events held regularly on all our social media platforms. We regularly update about upcoming events
and campaigns on our social media pages like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. A team of young and dynamic volunteers who are passionate about serving the poor and needy make up
the strong foundation for the successful functioning of Tare Zameen Foundation.

We also have a team of content writers who regularly provide content about various important topics that are essential information for the general public. The aim is to increase awareness
about vital issues like women’s menstrual health, children’s nutrition and education etc which are not often talked about. The content department comes up with innovative ways to design
and generate the content that is easy to read and understand for the general public.