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Institute Partners

Tare Zameen Foundation has been working with different, institutes for various campaigns and each has taught the diverse ways of contribution. People tend to contribute according to their interests and potential. We interest everyone to visit the center for a deeper sight into our ideas.

  • As an Institutes, one can collectively organize collection campaigns/drives in their premises.
  • Institutes can support us through specific collection campaigns like stationery, books, etc. for underprivileged children.
  • Institutes can also extend their support towards our campaigns and missions that include Pathshala”, “Hamari Jeet”, “Hunar Se Rozgar”, “Kora Kagaz”, “Santa Box”, and “School Chale Hum”.
  • Anyone interested and willing in partnering with us can contact us at
  • Your smallest efforts can bring a smile to the faces of many. The Tare Zameen Foundation invites everyone to come forward and help the underprivileged


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