Tare Zameen Foundation, has always taken her stand against any sort of discrimination, social issues either through their online platforms or by creating campaigns and generating awareness among all
the citizens.

The annual Day of Tare Zameen Foundation is being observed on the 19th of December. This year it was the 3rd Annual Day of the foundation, which took place at Jagannath Temple, Tyagraj Nagar,
Kotla, New Delhi. The foundation has been involved in many activities, mainly promoting education, empowerment, and health. The Annual Day has been observed wonderfully, children, women
involved with the foundation took part in various activities on that particular day. The founder of the Tare Zameen foundation along with the guest has distributed certificates to the women who are
enrolled in the Silai training program organized by the foundation. The children too were given a certificate of participation. The foundation is giving free stitching classes to underprivileged women
so that they can make their own lives better. The underprivileged children were also given free learning classes through their Early Childhood Education program.

The Annual Day celebration began with a welcome address which was then, followed by the lighting of the lamp. The lighting of the lamp marked the beginning of the celebration. The lamps were lighted by the founder of the foundation and the guest of honor invited. Everyone present at the event sang the National Anthem. The foundation speech was then followed, which was delivered by the founder of the NGO Mr. Bishikesan Saw.
The performance of the Annual Day involved mostly the NGO children and the women. The active participation of the children and women is highly appreciated. They have been a part of the
foundation till this particular day. The panel discussion took place after the performances.

The guest of honor for the Annual Day of the foundation was felicitated by the children and women who are involved with the foundation. The function took for a short duration of time only. Soon the vote of thanks was conveyed and the event came to a halt. As it is said, all good things end soon so that better events can commence.

The function involved the active participation of many. Behind the grand celebration, every small member involved had given their best. Everyone present was invited for the lunch which was followed after the event. The people who have attended the celebration had experienced great joy by seeing children and women perform with a smile on their faces.

There are many more events which the foundation had organized earlier, but most of them were not highlighted. So, I request every one to take an initiative in involving themselves in whatever manner
they can to help the foundation grow and prosper. Let us be a part of every upcoming event of the foundation may be small or a grand one. Wishing the foundation more growth and development in the